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Tolar is an open source, community governed cryptocurrency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions.

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Detailed description

HashNET is a scalable, fast, secure, and fair decentralized- beyond blockchain project, leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and consensus algorithm which keeps all positive characteristics of a blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 transactions per second. Network is using Proof-of-Stake with masternodes, which eliminates the need for a massive energy consumption.

HashNET is scalable. Scalability is the biggest problem in the blockchain technology space. Projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum are simply not capable of transferring a large number of blockchain transactions in a short timeframe. HashNET, on the other hand, was built to support over 200,000 transactions per second, compared to Bitcoin, which can only manage 7 transactions per second. Also, even with a large increase in number of nodes, HashNET network will be able to process all transactions in a matter of seconds.

HashNET is fair, because no individual can manipulate the order of transactions. With HashNET, there is no way for the individual to affect the consensus order.

HashNET is fast, because it doesn’t require miners to create a chain of blocks in order to record transactions. This process of creating a chain of blocks is very slow and it consumes a large amount of electricity. HashNET uses Proof-of-Stake algorithm combined with masternode to reach distributed consensus. The process of receiving and recording occurs as soon as transaction takes place, which allows the final confirmation to be ready instantly.

HashNET is 100% secure. HashNET can’t be hacked due to the power of distributed algorithm, which is responsible for reaching consensus within the nodes. Also, combining Proof-of-Stake and masternode creates transparency, since the participants are compensated for correct voting.


The arrival of the blockchain technology introduced the world of decentralization, therefore, challenging our preconceived perspectives of the current social, political, and economic systems, most notably, the central banking system. This technology, however, does have several shortcomings regarding performance, ease of use,  and service quality.


HashNET consensus uses "redundancy reduced gossip" and "virtual voting" protocols based on a distributed computation and algorithms from theoretical computer science which provides a fair and fast, byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm. It is a new consensus substitute platform inspired by the innovative development of Hashgraph  methodology, and is designed to run on a non-permissioned (public) network thereby reaching a larger community.


Transparency of fund
Allocation of community funds and voting process is 100% transparent

Network’s Throughput can process 200,000 transactions per second

Mobile compatible
HashNET can be run as full node even on smartphone

Ability to grow
Easily scales with number of users

Completely decentralized
Every participant can contribute by voting

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  • Token details

    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : TOL
    • Fundrasing target ? Fundraising target — the maximum amount of funds to be raised during an ICO. When it is reached, the developers stop selling the tokens because they do not need to raise more money for the project development. : 45,000 ETH
    • Token type ? Token type — a platform for a startup launch that influences the stability of blockchain operation, the speed of transactions and the fees. :Ethereum (ERC20)
    • Soft cap ? Soft cap — the minimum amount of funds to be raised for the project development. Sometimes when the soft cap has not been reached, the money is returned to the participants. :20,000 ETH
    • Role of token ? Role of Token — type of token depending on the opportunities it offers to its owner. Utility tokens give their owners a right to use the project services, security tokens are aimed at bringing profit, and currency tokens are a money substitute. :Currency token
    • Total supply ? Total supply — a total amount of tokens that will be released by the developers. :1,000,000,000 TOL
    • Escrow agent ? Escrow agent — a qualified agent who has the right of signature in a multisig wallet. An escrow agent participates in an ICO, monitors the financial operations of the developers and confirms their fairness. :No
    • Tokens for sale ? Tokens for sale — the number of tokens offered to the participants of an ICO. :350,000,000 TOL
    • Whitelist ? Whitelist — a list of participants, who get an opportunity to buy tokens. To be whitelisted, you need to register on time because the number of participants and the registration period are usually limited. :Whitelist Open
    • Additional emission ? Additional emission — an additional release of tokens. It can be done once after the crowd sale or on an ongoing basis. In the projects with a limited emission there is no additional emission. :No
    • Exchange listing ? Exchange listing — an assumed date when the token will be listed at a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers usually indicate it in a roadmap and a white paper. :NA
    • Accepting currencies ? Accepting currencies — cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that can be used for buying the project tokens. :BTC, ETH, FIAT,
    • Can't participate ? Can't participate — the countries where it is prohibited to buy tokens. These can be countries where ICOs are prohibited altogether, or countries that have the requirements that a particular project does not meet. :China, USA,
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) ? Know Your Customer — a verification procedure for ICO participants, during which the developers can ask for personal data, a photo and a scanned copy of a passport of a potential investor. :Yes
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  • Token and Funds Distribution

    Token distribution date

    Q3 2018

    Unsold tokens

    The unsold Token will be retained.

      • Token Distribution

          Vesting notes

          • Token Sales: 3 months lock-up for bonus tokens
          • Developers: 24 months lock-up
        • Funds Distribution

      Sale schedule

      Round Token Price Bonus Min / Max Purchase Soft Cap Hard Cap
      ICO — Ended
      15 Sep 14:00 UTC
      20 Sep 14:00 UTC
      0.000183736 ETH 10% - 20% - Uncapped 87,500,000 TOL
      Pre Sale — Ended
      22 Jul 00:00 UTC
      31 Aug 05:56 UTC
      0.000167033 ETH 10% - 20% Min 10 ETH Uncapped 122,500,000 TOL
      Private Sale — Ended
      21 May 00:00 UTC
      06 Jun 22:01 UTC
      0.000153114 ETH No Min 50 ETH Uncapped 140,000,000 TOL

      Pledges between 10-50 ETH, are entitled to 10% bonus
      Pledges at 50 ETH or higher, are entitled to 20% bonus

      Pre Sale

      For contributions of more than 50 ETH price is 0,000120879 ETH per TOL (20% bonus included in price)
      For contributions between 10-49 ETH price is 0,000131868 ETH per TOL (10% bonus included in price)

      Read more about vesting and bonus
      • Team

        • Josip Maricevic photo
          Josip Maricevic
        • Drazen Kapusta photo
          Drazen Kapusta
        • Zoran Dordevic photo
          Zoran Dordevic
          Board Member
        • Terence Tse photo
          Terence Tse
          Board Member
        • Sasa Pekec photo
          Sasa Pekec
          Board Member
        • Alan Kuresevic photo
          Alan Kuresevic
          Board Member
        • Jeffrey Treichel photo
          Jeffrey Treichel
          Board Member
        • Marko Kucic photo
          Marko Kucic
          Board Member
        • Mario Vojvoda photo
          Mario Vojvoda
        • Martin Zagar photo
          Martin Zagar
        • Srđan Maksimović photo
          Srđan Maksimović
          IT Developer
        • Kristijan Rebernisak photo
          Kristijan Rebernisak
          IT Developer
        • Vedran Novoselac photo
          Vedran Novoselac
          IT Developer
        • Vinko Bradvica photo
          Vinko Bradvica
          IT Developer
        • Igor Jerkovic photo
          Igor Jerkovic
          Core Developer
        • Sandi Fatic photo
          Sandi Fatic
          Core Developer
        • Bojan Hadzisejdic photo
          Bojan Hadzisejdic
        • Neda Zajko photo
          Neda Zajko
        • Ljiljana Babic photo
          Ljiljana Babic
        • Gordana Spisic photo
          Gordana Spisic
        • Mario A. Gigovic photo
          Mario A. Gigovic
          Business developer
        • Aco Momcilovic photo
          Aco Momcilovic
        • Isidora Vazic photo
          Isidora Vazic
          Community Manager
      • Advisors

        • Manuel Alonso Coto
        • Valerio Opacic
          Access and Security Services
        • Peter Merc
        • Petko Karamotchev


      • Q2 2017
        • TOLAR project founded and funding received
        • Executive group established
      • Q3 2017
        • Blockchain Conference
        • Rovinj Initial network development
        • First cryptocurrency experiments conducted
      • Q1 2018
        • Launch of the Blockchain academy
        • Recruiting process of key team members has started
        • Core Tolar team created with 30 members
        • Website published
        • Tolar will introduce project publicly
      • Q2 2018
        • Initial version of HashNET whitepaper
        • Launch of initial mainnet chain with masternodes and staking system
        • Start of the private sale phase and social media presence
      • Q3 2018
        • Finalized version of HashNET whitepaper
        • Developers demonstration of HashNET
        • Pre-ICO
        • ICO
        • Exchange listing
      • Q4 2018
        • Chain explorer
        • Mobile wallets
      • Q2 2019
        • Public release of HashNET chain
        • Switch mainnet to HashNET protocol
      • Future development
        • Smart contracts
        • Quantum resistant cryptography