Upcoming pre-sale & main sale ICO list | Page 4

Upcoming ICOs

We track upcoming ICOs and publish their schedule on this page. We indicate the start date for each crowdfunding to make it easier for you to search for the upcoming projects. If the team collects funds till a certain date, we indicate the end date.

What can you learn on this page?

Upcoming Pre-Sale Upcoming Main Sale
  • when the developers will be selling coins with discounts and bonuses;
  • if there are any limits for entering the projects and what they are;
  • who can participate in the pre-sale: whales, business angels, accredited investors;
  • if registration in a whitelist and KYC verification is required.
  • if there are discounts for early investors and what they are;
  • what crypto- and fiat currencies are accepted;
  • if there are any limits as to the amount of tokens to be bought and what the max purchase is;
  • if there are any countries where the project is banned, if there is a min purchase or any other restrictions.

How to use our list?

Study the list of initial coin offerings, select an interesting project and learn more details:

  1. Find out what problem the startuppers solve, who the team members are, what advisors there are.
  2. Study the financial stats of the project: total token supply, tokens for sale, token distribution between the startuppers and investors.
  3. Study the startup’s roadmap and see at what stage the product of the team is.
  4. Make your own rating of ICOs to invest in and select a project for investment.