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First blockchain based and distributed skill validation platform to showcase, track and boost human talents across applications

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The project company, Workkola, helps digitally-skilled students showcase their skills, build their Talent Brands and find amazing job opportunities, while helping companies assess and attract vetted talent. 

With more than 17K students and more than 1,500 companies on board, Workkola’s current platform is already working hard on changing talent assessment and talent placement.

A gamified system of points rewards users when some actions are completed (depending on quality of challenges completed, when users finish the Personality Selfie Quiz, when users are referred…), and helps curate talents within the platform. 

Workkola's team takes a step further on embracing all the possibilities of the blockchain technology to impact the globe with the first open source development environment and protocol that will change the way we proof our skills and knowledge: the Skyllz Distributed Platform.

Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) is an open source, blockchain-based and cross-platform skills-validation protocol proposed by Workkola. It aims to build a universal and evolving Human Skills Ecosystem that replaces CVs.


In the last decade, the acceleration of technology in every industry has come with a lot of new jobs (data related jobs, new coding technologies, new marketing techniques…) and type of jobs (flexible jobs, freelancers, remote workforce…) that didn’t exist before. Traditional education is several steps behind labor market’s needs and the result is a new era of “easy and cheap” knowledge acquisition channels (e-learning, bootcamps, MOOCs, Wikipedia, how-to videos on Youtube). 

In addition, the “commoditization” of degrees and the hyper competition related, have shifted the requirements of the labor market. A new era of skill allocation (show me what you’re able to do) has started. This skill allocation era has also brought a new paradigm in skill contextualization (how you allocate the knowledge/skills you acquire: soft skills) and skill boosting (how you multiply the effects of skill acquisition, allocation and contextualization: the attitude).


Workkola´s model having been proven and validated by the market, it’s time to take a step ahead with the deployment of the Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP): a distributed, open source, skill-validation protocol that will allow anyone to validate and empower skills in a standardized and meritocratic way.

Skyllz Distributed Platform aims to unify, scale and connect the whole ecosystem of platforms that put one or more layers of Knowledge/Skill in value (Skills Touchpoints Applications or STapps) with a single, standardized, and distributed protocol that builds integrated and automated portfolios.


Proof of Skill
Skyllz standardizes and unifies the validation of every skill (professional or not) you acquire, apply or improve on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Skyllz is designed to empower people based on their exceptional abilities and talents.

Skyllz enables users to participate, transact, and automatically track their self-development freely across the applications on top of the protocol (the Skills Touchpoints Applications, STapps).

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    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : SKT
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  • Team

    • Alvaro Mancilla Moreno photo
      Alvaro Mancilla Moreno
      CEO & Co-founder
    • Jesús Chacón Ávila photo
      Jesús Chacón Ávila
      CTO & Co-founder
    • Antonio Negrillo Román photo
      Antonio Negrillo Román
      CMO & Co-founder
    • Alejandro Jurado photo
      Alejandro Jurado
      Full-stack developer
    • Giorgio Fidei photo
      Giorgio Fidei
      B2B Growth & Business Developer
    • Elsa Camí photo
      Elsa Camí
      UX/UI designer
    • Ilenia Piana photo
      Ilenia Piana
      Communication & Content
    • Hugo Immink photo
      Hugo Immink
      HR & Organizational psychologist
    • Brice Chalopet photo
      Brice Chalopet
      Senior Lead Generation
  • Advisors

    • Alejandro Banzas
      Global community coordinator at RSK Labs
    • Brent Nally
      Senior Account Executive at LinkedIn Learning Enterprise
    • David Riudor
      Blockchain technical expert and entrepreneur
    • Carlos Rodríguez
      Full-stack and blockchain developer
    • Flavio Escribano
      Research Team Leader in Motivational Design
    • Álvaro Villacorta
      Serial entrepreneur & Investor
    • José Luis Minguez
      Business Angel
    • Manuel Rodríguez
      Serial entrepreneur


  • 2015
    • Harvard Pilot | Boston, USA
    • Alpha Release
  • 2016
    • Incorporation Workkola Inc
    • Beta Release (v1.0)
    • Startup Bootcamp Acceleration program
  • 2017
    • Full version Release (v2.0)
    • Seed Round EUR 250K
  • Dec. '17- Jan. '18

    First Public Skyllz Whitepaper 

  • Q1 2018
    • Workkola
    • Skyllz v0 - Main architecture 
    • Development plan
  • March 2018
    Skyllz.io v0.1
    • Start of development of proof-of-Skills
    • Implementation on Workkola's current platform
  • June 2018
    Skyllz.io v0.2
    • Converting Workkola points to SKT
    • First implementation of SKT on Workkola's platform as unit of account
  • July 2018
    Skyllz.io v0.3

    UI first implementation for Raters on Workkola's platform

  • July-August 2018
    SKT implementation

    Implementing and issuing fully functional SKTs on Workkola

  • Q4 2018
    Skyllz Distributed Platform (SDP) v1 + Workkola’s integration
    • Creation of Skyllz UI
    • Integration of Workkola’s platform with SDP through Skyllz's private API, Limited access to SDP (only Workkola allowed) to test, iterate, debug and secure the protocol
  • End Q4 2018

    Release of Workkola new version (v4.0) on top of the SDP

  • Q1-Q2 2019
    Skyllz Distributed Platform v1 testing period
    • Testing and resolution of technical bugs and security attacks
    • Testing and optimizing user experience. This version will content the v1.0 of the Human Skills Ecosystem
  • Q3 2019
    Skyllz Distributed Platform v2- Public skyllz.io API

    Preparing and the documenting public version of skyllz.io

  • Q3 2019
    Skyllz voting system implementation
    • Implementing the SKT holder 
    • Proof-of-Skills holder internal voting system to decentralize key decision-making
  • Q4 2019
    Testing and optimization of the SDP v2
    • Testing and securing skyllz.io public API and the voting system
    • First third-party applications integrations with the SDP (beta)
  • Q1 2020
    Launch of full version of Skyllz Distributed Platform

    New STapps on top of the SDP, expanding the ecosystem.

  • 2020
    Skyllz Distributed Platform v3

    Start working on the Skyllz big picture: converting you into your main asset Tokenization of You