PolicyPal Network is a platform built with a twofold vision of addressing key issues that overlap the fields of both insurance and cryptoassets in the world today.

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Our existing business: PolicyPal Singapore is an Monetary of Singapore (MAS) Licensed Insurance Broker and Exempted Financial Advisor that enables individuals to buy, manage and optimise their insurance policies.

To date, PolicyPal Singapore has accumulated a user base of over 32,000 in Singapore alone since launch of product 12 months ago. We are also Singapore's first and only graduate from the MAS fintech regulatory sandbox.

Selected Achievements:

  • Orange Fab Asia Winner Tokyo 2017
  • NTT Data Special Award 2017
  • Gold Award - Asia Smart App Summit Hong Kong 2017
  • T Hero Guangzhou China - Singapore Winner 2017
  • Prudential Fintegrate Partnership program
  • Google Asia Pacific StartonAndroid program

We have observed a strong demand for cryptocurrency asset insurance due to the fear in consumers that their wallets and accounts on exchange could be hacked. With the prices of both Bitcoin and Ethereum surging to record highs, consumers who are using cryptocurrency wallets and trading on exchanges will increasingly look out for solutions and hedge their risk.

CryptoProtect will be distributed by PolicyPal Singapore and underwritten by “AA” rated global insurers and it will protect assets of blockchain startups in the initial launch. Future plans include insuring cryptowallets on a personal level, similar to mechanics of car insurance.

Current status: In talks with "AA" rated global insurers.


One of the largest issues concerning cryptocurrencies and its widespread adoption has always been its security during storage. These include the various online and offline wallets as well as a host of different coin exchanges where many people store their digital assets. Unfortunately, a series of hacks and incidents over the years across these platforms has left a negative impression on the wider public.

The most widely known event was the closure of the MtGox exchange in February 2014 that caused an estimated 850,000 bitcoins (US$450 million at the time) to go missing. This was followed by another hack on the Bitfinex coin exchange in 2016 where hackers stole approximately 120,000 bitcoins (US$72 million at the time). Even crypto wallets are not entirely fool-proof from cyber-attacks with the Parity Multisig Wallet successfully breached as recent as this year in July 2017, allowing hackers to steal 150,000 ETH ($30 million at the time) from multiple wallets.

There is a clear and growing demand for insurance products in the cryptocurrency sphere for both commercial entities like exchanges or wallets as well as consumers aimed at insuring them& against losses from cyber-attacks or logistical failures. A move towards greater insurance coverage in the cryptocurrency asset space would see increased adoption and further legitimiseit.


PolicyPal Singapore seeks to address a glaring issue faced by consumers in their attempt to interact with the insurance purchasing process from start to finish. With all their documents stored in an analog world of paper documentations and excel sheets, managing them can be complex especially during an emergency. 

Through the use of Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”), taxonomy and rule based algorithms, PolicyPal Singapore seeks to solve the problem by digitising all the policies and automating the analytical process. PolicyPal Singapore requires only 30 seconds for to digitise a single policy and the algorithms determine coverage gaps to provide a personalised recommendation on optimal changes. PolicyPal Singapore hope to collectively raise the benchmark for insurance knowledge and accessibility among the public throughitstargeted approach. 

The present challenges are reflected by a 30% attrition rate afflicting the insurance sector. According to the Singapore Business Review, 68% of Singaporeans perceived insurance as confusing resulting in longer purchase delays. 24% of them were unhappy and dissatisfied about the lack of transparency in insurance. 

With digital engagement and automation, PolicyPal has already accumulated a user base of about 30,000 in Singapore alone since its launch 12 months ago. With the inception of PolicyPal Network, we envisage further process refinement to the personalised insurance and streamlined insurance policy management offered by PolicyPal. 


  • Giving a peace of mind to the cryptocurrency community with CryptoProtect.
  • Decentralised insurance protocol that optimise policy inceptions and claims.
  • Brings transparency, accessibility and cost savings to all stakeholders.
  • Mitigate elements of conflict in traditional, centralized insurance models.
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      • Team

        • Val Yap photo
          Val Yap
          CEO, Founder
        • David Hoong photo
          David Hoong
          Head of Broking
        • Radek Kania photo
          Radek Kania
          VP of Product
        • Michelle Lim photo
          Michelle Lim
          Operations Manager
        • Gigi Vu photo
          Gigi Vu
          Digital Marketing
        • KC Wong photo
          KC Wong
          Tech Lead
        • Yan Wye Huong photo
          Yan Wye Huong
          Software Engineer
        • Yong Jia Hao photo
          Yong Jia Hao
          Software Engineer
      • Advisors

        • Bo Shen
          Founding & Managing Partner Fenbushi Capital
        • Yiseul Cho
          MIT Grad, Ex-Facebooker Former HSBC’s Blockchain Team
        • David Lee
          Professor of Quantitative Finance SUSS
        • Scott Walchek
          CEO, Founder Trōv
        • Shuan Djie
          Co-Founder DigixGlobal
        • Vincent Loy
          Managing Director Accenture Asia


      • Q1 2018
        • Launch of Website and WhitePaper
        • Announcement of Partnerships
        • Token Generation Event ("Token Generation Event")
      • Q2 2018
        • Proof of concept for CryptoProtect insurance with global insurer
        • Alpha Release: PolicyPal Network on Ethereum Testnet
        • Alpha Release: Testing of CryptoProtect insurance with Partner
        • Alpha Release: Testing of bonus in PolicyPal Network Tokens with selected community members
      • Q3 2018
        • Alpha Release: PolicyPal Network on Ethereum Testnet with partner in new country
        • Beta Release: PolicyPal Network on Ethereum Mainnet with partner in new country
        • Launch: Bonus in PolicyPal Network Tokens for members who purchase policies
      • Q4 2018
        • Alpha Release: PolicyPal Network Blockchain
        • Beta Release: PolicyPal Network Blockchain with Proof of Stake
        • Launch: PolicyPal Network Blockchain with exchange of ERC20 tokens onto PolicyPal Network Mainnet
        • Launch: P2P Mutual Aid Insurance – Personal and Life Insurance on PolicyPal Network Blockchain
      • Q1 2019
        • Launch: Cryptocurrency insurance with global insurer
        • Further expansion of PolicyPal Network into other Asian countries
        • Proof of concept for new insurance products with global insurer on blockchain
        • Launch: P2P Mutual Aid Insurance – Agriculture and Property Insurance on PolicyPal Network Blockchain
        • New product ideas and ongoing iteration