ICOs with NEM-based tokens

  • Tutellus is the first decentralized and tokenized platform that pays users for learning, based on the NEM Blockchain.

    Ended ICO
    Start Jun 12, 2018
    — EndSep 14, 2018
    No Rank
    • Financial goal
      40,000,000 USD
    • Project stage
      Only a whitepaper
    • Total supply
      1,500,000,000 TUT
    • For sale
      900,000,000 TUT
    • Bonus
      5% - 10%
    • Min purchase
      0 ETH
    • Education
    • NEM
    • Spain
    • KYC
    • Whitelist Open
    • Utility token
    • Banned in 2 countries
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NEM platform

This page contains ICOs based on the NEM distributed ledger platform. The list is updated. We include new interesting startups in it regularly.

NEM platform highlights

NEM is aimed at financial operations that users can conduct without banks, centralized foundations or other third parties. It is used for launching initial coin offerings in the sphere of trade, banking transactions and charity.

Advantage. POI consensus mechanism was implemented in the platform, which takes into account the history of transactions, the size of the account and when it was created on blockchain.

Disadvantage. NEM tokens are less spread than ethereum, bitcoin and others, and there are dozens of times fewer startups on this platform.

How to use our list?

  1. Look at the Pre-ICO and ICO dates, study the schedule of the initial coin offering.
  2. Find out the project development stage: only a whitelist, a prototype, a launched product, beta version.
  3. Analyze the financial data: financial goal, total supply and tokens for sale.
  4. See if there are any bonuses available and what their amount is.
  5. Look at the key tags of the project: KYC availability, role of tokens, country of origin and countries where the ICO is banned.
  6. Study the project details by reading its description on our website or visit its official website.

By following these steps you will get all the required information about the startups and make your own rating of ICOs to invest in.