ICOs with Hyperledger-based tokens

  • Pioneering project to revolutionise eCommerce using blockchain technologies & ecosystems to address challenges around fraud, identity theft, supply chain & more.

    Ended ICO
    Start Mar 28, 2018
    — EndMay 31, 2018
    No Rank
    • Financial goal
      20,700,000 USD
    • Project stage
      Only a whitepaper
    • Total supply
      100,000,000 ECOM
    • For sale
    • Bonus
    • Purchase
      Not limited
    • Commerce & Advertising
    • Hyperledger
    • United Kingdom
    • KYC
    • Whitelist Closed
    • Utility token
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Hyperledger platform

We have made a list of all projects with initial coin offering on the Hyperledger distributed ledger platform and track the emergence of new projects. We update it regularly and include the latest offers from the developers in our list.

Hyperledger platform highlights

Hyperledger is a hub for open development of blockchain and launch of new ICOs. It is aimed at projects in the sectors of real economy: trade and turnover, industry, logistics and others.

Over 100 corporations have joined the platform, for example, IBM, Nokia, American Express and others. There are few projects on this platform so far but in future the number of startups will grow.

How to use our list?

Using our rating, you can make your own rating of ICOs to invest in. To do it, study the following information on the page:

  • ICO status: presale, upcoming main sale, ended ICO;
  • a brief description of a startup and its key features: availability of KYC and a whitelist, role of tokens, country of origin and countries where it is banned;
  • financial data: the stated financial goal, total supply and amount of tokens for sale;
  • product development schedule: from only a whitelist to a launched product and beta version.

If you get interested in a startup, visit its official website.