ICOs with Bitcoin-based tokens

Bitcoin platform

We have made a list of initial coin offerings based on the Bitcoin distributed ledger platform. You can make your own rating of ICOs to invest in from the projects you like and invest in those that you find most attractive. This page contains the information about the startups and links to the official websites, so that you could study them in greater detail.

About the platform

It is a platform with limited capacity, on which the first ICOs were launched. It has no Ethereum smart contracts, the transaction fee is from $0.2 to $1, there are no bonuses. The chart shows growing demand for bitcoin and the transactions are lined up for confirmation, that is why you need to wait for not less than an hour to make a payment.

What can you learn from the list?

Information about the startups. Availability of project documentation, terms and conditions of participation, type of registration, project sphere, role of tokens, countries where the project is banned.

Project development stage. Start and end date of ICO, project stage from upcoming to ended ICOs.

Financial data. Token stats: total supply and amount of tokens for sale, financial goal, min and max purchase, bonuses and their amount.

Before investing into the project, visit the official website and study it carefully.