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KODAKOne is a revolutionary new image rights management and protection platform secured in the blockchain.

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The KODAKOne Platform: Image protection and monetization secured in the blockchain. 

This image management platform, with its proprietary KODAKCoin cryptocurrency, will make it significantly cheaper and faster to register, move and sell digital images. Therefore, the KODAKOne Platform will offer a simple, transparent blockchain-based worldwide royalty accounting, licensing and payment system via its smart contract features. 

The KODAKOne Platform will enable photographers from around the world to earn money from diverse new revenue streams and get paid faster. WENN Digital intends to deliver its immutable blockchain-enabled copyright protection combined with a high-efficiency “trustless” (no trust needed) transaction platform for the assured licensing of rights-cleared and protected digital assets.  The aim is to create a sustainable community of the world’s photographic supply chain, from photographers of all levels, to rights holders and buyers of creative images and image-related IP. KODAKCoin is to become the currency of this image economy.

The KODAKOne Platform will have the potential to offer photographers lucrative new revenue streams, including participation in our planned big data research and distributed web crawling programs, where photographers will be paid by the platform in KODAKCoin for their participation. Main goal is for the KODAKOne Platform to also create incremental value for IP owners with our proprietary SWARM web crawlers and image-recognition programs, which will specifically identify unlicensed use of protected images that have been registered on KODAKOnes' Blockchain Registry.


Problems in the image economy that the KODAKOne Platform intends to solve:

Money Problem
Given the proliferation of content on the web, some images are invariably used without license, whether intentionally or by oversight. It is not efficient or cost-effective for photographers to administer image licensing, infringement detection and reporting. Photographers leave a lot of money on the table due to a lack of insight into how/where/ when their creative content is being used. Even when they do get paid, it often takes 30, 60 or 90 days to receive funds. Photographers are also generally unable to exploit new revenue streams available through the use of big data to maximize the monetization of their assets

Trust Problem
An industry wide lack of transparency means that photographers are not able to verify their royalty statements.

Time Problem
It takes too much effort to manage, protect and distribute a photographer’s image. The work of image management, protection and distribution is split between multiple parties and platforms and therefore demands an unnecessary amount of attention and care from photographers.


Money Problem Solution
The KODAKOne Platform, powered by AI technology, will provide high levels of automation in contracting, accounting and reporting, which we believe will reduce costs that we can pass on to our community. We intend for our own cryptocurrency payment platform to allow our photographers to be paid in KODAKCoin instantly, with fully transparent reporting and recordkeeping (subject to regulatory feasibility). Our community will have access to new revenue streams, including big data licensing and post-licensing.

Trust Problem Solution
With our to-be developed blockchain accounting and contracting system, every transaction and license agreement will be immutably stored in our decentralized registry.

Time Problem Solution
We believe the KODAKOne Platform will be a one-stop-solution for photographers and image license holders, merging management, protection and distribution services into one protection and monetization platform.


Registration of Images
Photographers and image rights agencies will be able to register their images in immutable blockchain technology, providing them with proof of ownership and enabling them to take advantage of all the services on our platform, such as: 

  • Post-Licensing 
  • Image and Infringement Tracking 
  • AI Training Packages

Smart Licensing
Every license will be documented on the blockchain. Once imagery is registered on the KODAKOne Platform, the platform will automatically create a smart contract that confirms the copyrights, licensing terms and conditions to the associated image(s) and enables the contract to track its presence and usage. Our system will allow for multiple levels of licensing, enabling photographers to sub-license their work via as many agencies as they wish.

Transparent Accounting
Based on the use of smart contracts, our community members will not need a separate accounting system because every payment and all accounting-related information will be saved on the blockchain and in our database.

Instant Payment
Through smart contracts, all payments will eventually be made immediately in KODAKCoin.

Image Tracking
Community members will be able to find and track use of their photos in the digital world and use this data to more efficiently and effectively market their assets.

The WENN Digital SWARM web crawler platform will scour the web and detect unlicensed usage of images. 

Distribution Platform
WENN Digital is going to build a distribution platform for rights-cleared images, on which participants can buy, sell and trade images based on licensing terms and conditions incorporated into smart contracts.

Community / Marketplace
In our marketplace, tokenholders will be able to use their KODAKCoin to buy, sell and book products and services such as flights, hotels & apartments, talent agency models, venues and studios, among other items. Also, our marketplace will give the possibility for startups and service companies to implement their services.

Other Potential Future Service Offerings
Beyond its initial features, WENN Digital plans to develop further features - amongs them are: 

  • Image Valuation
  • AI Training Data Packages for Machine Learning Customers
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Monetization of IP Portfolios
  • Dispute Management
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  • Token details

    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : KDC
    • Fundrasing target ? Fundraising target — the maximum amount of funds to be raised during an ICO. When it is reached, the developers stop selling the tokens because they do not need to raise more money for the project development. : 50,000,000 USD
    • Token type ? Token type — a platform for a startup launch that influences the stability of blockchain operation, the speed of transactions and the fees. :Ethereum (ERC20)
    • Soft cap ? Soft cap — the minimum amount of funds to be raised for the project development. Sometimes when the soft cap has not been reached, the money is returned to the participants. :30,000,000 USD
    • Role of token ? Role of Token — type of token depending on the opportunities it offers to its owner. Utility tokens give their owners a right to use the project services, security tokens are aimed at bringing profit, and currency tokens are a money substitute. :Hybrid token
    • Total supply ? Total supply — a total amount of tokens that will be released by the developers. :500,000,000 KDC
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      • Team

        • Cameron Chell photo
          Cameron Chell
        • Jan Denecke photo
          Jan Denecke
          Chief Executive Officer
        • Volker Brendel photo
          Volker Brendel
          Chief Technology Officer
        • Matthew Walker photo
          Matthew Walker
        • Philipp Köhn photo
          Philipp Köhn
          Chief Operating Officer
        • Benedikt Von Dohnanyi photo
          Benedikt Von Dohnanyi
          Chief Commercial Officer
        • Fabian M. Moritz photo
          Fabian M. Moritz
          Chief Financial Officer
      • Advisors

        • Peter Diamandis
        • Steven Nerayoff
          Strategic Consultant
        • Seth Shapiro


      • Feb 2018

        REG D ICO

      • Q2 2018
        • POC1: Blockchain Registration
        • POC2: Smart Licensing
      • Q3 2018
        • POC3: Big Data
        • (Start Development of) Platform Services
        • (Development) Payment Blockchain
      • Oct 2018

        KODAKOne presents at Photoplus Expo in New York

      • Q4 2018
        • Integration of POCs into Platform
        • (Development of) ID Management and Blockchain Synchronization Layer
        • Launch Beta Phase with Agencies
      • Jun 2019

        Launch Platform MVP