ioeX is the first blockchain-based business use case that solves real world problems.

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Based on the above points, ioeX proposes a "Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network" solution that combines Bootstrap nodes and Peer nodes to connect and communicate, creating a new direct communication network architecture based on the existing Internet. This safe, decentralized network will be built to enable equipment manufacturers, content providers, and even individuals around the world to create, store, and transfer content in a decentralized and distributed manner. ioeX will start with online updates as an entry point and will gradually add various general public and enterprise applications to enrich the ecosystem chain. 

In addition, ioeX incorporates blockchain technology and is the issuer of cryptocurrency “ioeX coin” in order to provide rewards and incentives for relay and storage devices. This currency system will also encourage brand owners, solution integrators, CPU vendors, and ODM vendors to adopt this business model.

ioeX is accelerating the construction of a “Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network” eco-chain, and has received support from a number of vendors, solution providers, and equipment vendors. Currently it is forming a new type of network topology for traditional Internet applications, bringing massive benefits for traditional Internet application and IoT landing uses.


Due to the increased demand for online updates of applications on M2M connections, and applications such as software and firmware systems that require greater bandwidth and lower latency, network traffic has grown faster than the number of connections.

If the calculation is based solely on the AWS rate of US$0.1/GB, temporarily ignoring the basic cost of the server itself, the equipment cost caused by load balancing (floating fee per hour), labor costs, and the cost of geographical location, on average, data transmission fees per month will add up to more than US$1.5 billion, valuing the M2M traffic market at US$18 billion a year


Replacing the costly Relay Server and OTA Server solutions, ioeX employs the Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network to fix the above problems. ioeX aims at lowering or even eliminating the enormous costs and expenses associated with network connections, file storage and access.

The Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Network used by ioeX (referred to as "Carrier" in this chapter) was built on Elastos. ioeX is an application extension of Elastos, and is part of its ecosystem. However, it will also focus on enterprise landing applications. In addition to developing general user application functions such as communications and personal cloud storage, ioeX also develops application functions at the end of the enterprises to meet the needs of business users, thus expanding the Carrierfunctionalities suitably. ioeX will continue to integrate future Elastos RT functions, such as P2P network, ID recognition and others.


  • Decentralized P2P network - Fast direct transfer
  • Proof-of-work reward system - Sharing idle bandwidth and space for mining
  • Global P2P peer nodes - Million-node topological map are being deployed
  • Bootstrap nodes that benefit merchants - Enterprise-level privacy and extra income
  • Merged Bitcoin mining - Mine Bitcoins and ioeX simultaneously
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      • Team

        • Aryan Hung photo
          Aryan Hung
          CEO & Founder
        • Adguel Wang photo
          Adguel Wang
          COO & Co-Founder
        • Michael Wu photo
          Michael Wu
          Chief Sales Officer
        • Neo Peng photo
          Neo Peng
          CMO & Co-Founder
        • Kenneth Kuo photo
          Kenneth Kuo
          CSO & Co-Founder
        • Monika Hsiaoyu Lin photo
          Monika Hsiaoyu Lin
          Chief Public Relation Officer
        • Anthony Lin photo
          Anthony Lin
          Chief Technology Officer
        • Elvis Lin photo
          Elvis Lin
          R&D Manager
        • Bruce Huang photo
          Bruce Huang
          R&D Manager
        • Wade Ku photo
          Wade Ku
          Senior R&D
        • Art Hsu photo
          Art Hsu
          R&D Member
        • Jay Chaung photo
          Jay Chaung
          R&D Member
        • Hungjiun Shieh photo
          Hungjiun Shieh
          R&D Member
        • Earnest Chen photo
          Earnest Chen
          R&D Member
        • Ricky Huang photo
          Ricky Huang
          R&D Member
      • Advisors

        • Rong Chen
          Elastos Foundation Founder
        • Hu Dinghe
          Elastos Capital Chairman
        • Simon Szeto
          SBI E2-Capital HK Director
        • Raymond Lee
          Everex Group Chairman
        • Miranda Tan
          Robin8 CEO
        • Daniel Liebau
          Founder Lightbulb Capital
        • Matthew Cannon
          Co-Founder at Lightbulb Capital
        • Xavier Hou
          Founder Prometheus Capital


      • Jul 2018

        Release of basic service SW of ioeX P2P network Messages and files can be sent by single-peer-to-single-peer and single-peer-to-multi-peer.

      • Aug 2018

        Import ioeX P2P network function into IoT box and its remote Zigbee control APP.

      • Sep 2018

        Import ioeX P2P network function into AI Smart Speaker and its remote control APP

      • Oct 2018

        Android/iOS/Linux/Windows version of ioeX P2P network function are ready.

      • Nov 2018
        • P2P network function incorporates blockchain ledger function to enable ioeX cryptocurrency reward mechanism.
        • Cryptocurrency wallet of ioeX, Alpha version.
      • Dec 2018
        • Cryptocurrency wallet of ioeX, Beta version. 
        • Beta version of OTA upgrade through ioeX P2P network function; more than 200,000 peer nodes and over 500 bootstrap nodes distributed throughout Asia, Europe, Americas, and Australia. 
        • ioeX P2P network will begin the project to incorporate IPFS function
      • Jan 2019
        • OTA upgrade through ioeX P2P network function officially released 1st version. 
        • All devices can be rewarded.