FortKnoxster offers end-to-end encrypted inbox, chat, decentralized storage, call, video call, voice message etc. 

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FortKnoxster is a cyber-security company, specialized in developing secure and encrypted communication solutions. The company has developed a unique encryption platform, which is primarily aimed at the B2C market.

The platform comes as an E-a-a-S solution (Encryption-as-a-Service).

FortKnoxster has been designed with a unique architecture and features, which enables everybody to use our platform for all their communications and data-storage needs.

At FortKnoxster, security and privacy has the highest priority. This is why we have built the FortKnoxster encryption, privacy and secure architectures by design. Unlike most other online businesses, it is our main goal to protect our users’ privacy, which we are very proud of.


Needless to say, there are many potential dangers (and ethical issues) associated with the proliferation of digital profiling, from hacking, to discrimination, to an Orwellian surveillance state. There’s a big difference between what companies could and should know. 

Online activity leaves footprints - log files, access entries or data that is created in the systems they used. Once these privacy controls are rolled back, Internet Service Providers will be able to sell the information they capture about how you and your patrons use the Internet. 

The loss of online privacy is making it a lot easier for IT-criminals as those giant companies on a regular basis get hacked and all (your) data are now in the hands of potential hostile organisations or people who seek to profit from your data.


  • FortKnoxster is extremely easy to use as it requires no extra plug-in instalments what so ever. Users are literally up running within minutes and can start to enjoy the extreme safety level and intuitive interface. 
  • It is also easy to invite friends, family or business-partners into the platform. 
  • FortKnoxster was designed to be used by everyone and hence there is no need for technical knowledge in order to use the platform.


Blockchain Integration
FortKnoxster leverages on the Ethereum Blockchain technology using smart contracts, to establish secure, private and trusted communication links between our users.

Messages and attachments are end-to-end encrypted and as secure as it gets. Send messages to colleagues, clients and business partners with peace of mind.

Secure calling without snooping from competitors or external surveillance. The most private calling you can get on both web and mobile.

Screen Sharing
We have developed encrypted screen-sharing as an extra valuable tool to collaborate securely with partners and other 3rd parties.

Decentralized Cloud Storage
Store your valuable data encrypted in a decentralized distributed storage p2p network– and make sure it stay yours. Easy to share and manage files and folders seamlessly.

Real-time secure end-to-end encrypted chat for fast and instant communications. Comes with voice messages, group chat and much more.

Group Conferencing
Collaborate securely by chatting, calling, sharing files etc., via the group conferencing feature – work smarter and more secure.

Voice Messages
Send quick encrypted voice messages without calling. Saves time and the feature is available both on web and app platforms.

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  • Token details

    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : FKX
    • Fundrasing target ? Fundraising target — the maximum amount of funds to be raised during an ICO. When it is reached, the developers stop selling the tokens because they do not need to raise more money for the project development. : 15,000,000 USD
    • Token type ? Token type — a platform for a startup launch that influences the stability of blockchain operation, the speed of transactions and the fees. :Ethereum (ERC20)
    • Soft cap ? Soft cap — the minimum amount of funds to be raised for the project development. Sometimes when the soft cap has not been reached, the money is returned to the participants. : NA
    • Role of token ? Role of Token — type of token depending on the opportunities it offers to its owner. Utility tokens give their owners a right to use the project services, security tokens are aimed at bringing profit, and currency tokens are a money substitute. :Utility token
    • Total supply ? Total supply — a total amount of tokens that will be released by the developers. :150,000,000 FKX
    • Escrow agent ? Escrow agent — a qualified agent who has the right of signature in a multisig wallet. An escrow agent participates in an ICO, monitors the financial operations of the developers and confirms their fairness. :No
    • Tokens for sale ? Tokens for sale — the number of tokens offered to the participants of an ICO. :89,250,000 FKX
    • Whitelist ? Whitelist — a list of participants, who get an opportunity to buy tokens. To be whitelisted, you need to register on time because the number of participants and the registration period are usually limited. :Whitelist Closed
    • Additional emission ? Additional emission — an additional release of tokens. It can be done once after the crowd sale or on an ongoing basis. In the projects with a limited emission there is no additional emission. :No
    • Exchange listing ? Exchange listing — an assumed date when the token will be listed at a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers usually indicate it in a roadmap and a white paper. :NA
    • Accepting currencies ? Accepting currencies — cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that can be used for buying the project tokens. :BTC, ETH,
    • Can't participate ? Can't participate — the countries where it is prohibited to buy tokens. These can be countries where ICOs are prohibited altogether, or countries that have the requirements that a particular project does not meet. :Singapore, USA,
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) ? Know Your Customer — a verification procedure for ICO participants, during which the developers can ask for personal data, a photo and a scanned copy of a passport of a potential investor. :Yes
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  • Token and Funds Distribution

    Token distribution date

    Exactly 1 week after the crowd sale has ended, the FKX tokens will become transferable.

    Unsold tokens

    After the token sale has finalized, all remaining tokens that were not sold (and were eligible) in the crowd sale will be burned automatically in the Ethereum smart contract.

      • Token Distribution

          Vesting notes

          • Founders: All FKX distributed to the founders and the company will be time locked by 12 months.
        • Funds Distribution

      Sale schedule

      Round Token Price Bonus Min / Max Purchase Soft Cap Hard Cap
      Pre-sale — Ended
      15 Dec 09:00 UTC
      11 Jan 23:58 UTC
      0.19 30% - 50% - Uncapped 15,000,000 USD

      0-4.999 USD = 30 % Bonus
      5.000-24.999 USD = 35 % Bonus
      25.000-99.999 USD = 40 % Bonus
      100.000-249.999 USD = 45 % Bonus
      250.000 - plus USD = 50 % Bonus

      Bonus tokens will be locked up for 4 months

      Read more about vesting and bonus
      • Team

        • Eddy de Heij photo
          Eddy de Heij
        • Mickey Joe Nathan Johnnysson photo
          Mickey Joe Nathan Johnnysson
          Lead Engineer & Co-Founder
        • Rasmus Birger Christiansen photo
          Rasmus Birger Christiansen
          Partner & Co-Founder
        • Billy Krepper photo
          Billy Krepper
        • René Krainert photo
          René Krainert
        • Emin Roblack photo
          Emin Roblack
          Head of Design
        • Aram Ispiryan photo
          Aram Ispiryan
          Lead iOS Developer
        • Armen Sisakyan photo
          Armen Sisakyan
          Lead Android Developer
        • Niels Christian Sørensen photo
          Niels Christian Sørensen
          Head of Systems Infrastructure
        • Kristian Bornak photo
          Kristian Bornak
          Product & Community Manager
        • Julià ­Carboneras­ Girgas photo
          Julià ­Carboneras­ Girgas
          Marketing Specialist
        • Linda Slootjes photo
          Linda Slootjes
          Growth Manager
        • Siama Hussain photo
          Siama Hussain
          Marketing & Communications Manager
        • Christian Zwergius photo
          Christian Zwergius
          Senior Developer
      • Advisors

        • David Orban
          Blockchain Expert
        • Henok (Hen) Tekle
          Blockchain Expert
        • Stig Abildsø
          Entrepreneur & Investor
        • Michael Vivet
          Senior IT Consultant
        • Carlos Benvenuti
          Entrepreneur & Investor


      • Q3 2013
        Edward Snowden Revelations

        Snowden, a former NSA contractor leaks highly classified secrets about illegal government spying and lack of general online privacy.

      • Q1 2014
        Research Starts

        Inspired by the Snowden leaks, research begins with the goal to create the most secure communication platform to help solve the problem.

      • Q3 2014
        Development Starts

        Core encryption architecture and security layers are being designed and initial development begins.

      • Q2 2015
        Alpha Testing

        The first alpha version is tested by security professionals and hackers from all around the world.

      • Q3 2015
        Additional Features

        A range of additional security features are developed and implemented and tested successfully.

      • Q2 2016
        Private Beta

        A selected group of live testers are identified from various continents in order to test the scalability and further security tests are performed.

      • Q4 2016
        Live Users

        Initial live users are using the platform and mobile apps with excellent response.

      • Q2 2017
        Code Re-Write

        We decided to re-write our entire code-base and crypt° structure, in order to prepare for Blockchain integration and decentralized storage.

      • Q3 2017
        Token Sale Planning

        Token sale process is initiated and the FortKnoxster white paper is published. The FortKnoxster demo platform is launched.

      • Q1 2018
        Token Sale Finalized

        The FKX token sale ends and the FKX tokens are distributed. The core ecosystem development using smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain is in process.

      • Q2 2018
        Blockchain Testing

        The back-end implementation of the decentralized digital identity, decentralized storage and ecosystem (payment, loyalty, reward incentives) using smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain is tested.

      • Q3 2018
        Public Launch

        FortKnoxster officially launches its decentralized Blockchain Digital. Identity infrastructure and the encrypted group calling feature for the web and native apps. Our new invite and referral function in the FKX ecosystem with incentives is also launched.