Eloncity decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids.

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ELONCITY decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity's open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that we can electrify the world with clean energy.


Environmental and Public Health Problems, California October 23, 2015 – The underground natural gas storage located in Aliso Canyon (Los Angeles) had a massive leak.

Safety and Reliability Problems, California September 8, 2011 – A deficient equipment maintenance procedure at a transmission switch station in Yuma, Arizona, initiated cascade grid power failures that left more than seven million residents without electricity, from San Diego County to western Arizona and Tijuana.

Adaptability and Resilience, Melbourne, January 28, 2018 – More than 10,000 homes in Australia’s second most populous state were stuck without power as a surge in power demands from the scorching heat wave overloaded the grid.

Unaffordable Electricity Cost, USA April 14, 2016 – According to a study by Groundswell, a nonprofit renewable energy advocacy group, the cost of electricity is increasingly burdensome for America’s working class.


With the challenges of natural disasters, population growth, and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. The solutions must warrant vibrant and sustained growth for all. AI Grid Foundation (Foundation) is a non-profit organization based in Singapore who advocates for employing decentralized renewable energy as a possible pathway to address the problematic centralized AC grids as mentioned above.

The Foundation has collaborated with global organizations and local communities to develop the Eloncity Model; a multifaceted solution that employs decentralized renewable energy resources to eradicate barriers to attain safe, healthy, vibrant and equitable energy future.

The proposed Eloncity Model integrates advanced technologies, best practices and lessons learned to create a scalable and replicable recipe for unleashing the potential of the community-based renewable microgrid to attain a more vibrant regenerative energy future. The Eloncity Model builds upon four key pillars:

  • A decentralized renewable energy architecture
  • Community-driven planning and implementation warrant the enduring success of the community’s transition into the sustainable, regenerative energy future
  • Combined performance-based projects with revolving loans fund create an effective strategy for mobilizing the private capitals to drive wide-scale adoption of decentralized renewable energy
  • A collaborative and equitable regulatory framework facilitates leveled-field markets to mitigate imbalanced market powers, unleash market innovations, protect the energy consumer, and support the local economy


Blockchain-based Trade System with AI algorithm
Blockchain based trade systems make energy trade transparent while AI algorithm finds fair market prices in real time as reference.

Smart Energy Storage Systems
Energy storage systems with IOT technologies balance the demands with supplies of locally produced renewable energy.

Switching DC Power Bus
The new last-mile network helps remove peak load permanently.

Direct Current Appliances
New appliances, driven directly by DC, eliminate the repetitive power conversion and improve the competitiveness of locally produced renewable energy.

Proof of Stored Power (PoSp)
New mining scheme makes ESS investment grade financial property.

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    • Team

      • Andy Li photo
        Andy Li
      • Michael Nguyen photo
        Michael Nguyen
        VP of Program Management
      • Justin Wang photo
        Justin Wang
        Product Manager
      • Gregary Liu photo
        Gregary Liu
        Marketing Director, America
      • Dunping Yao photo
        Dunping Yao
        Hardware Engineering Manager
      • Peng Xu photo
        Peng Xu
        Software Engineering Manager
      • Haichuan Jiang photo
        Haichuan Jiang
        System Verification Manager
      • Allen Ding photo
        Allen Ding
        Eloncity Project Manager
    • Advisors

      • Bryan Allen
      • Chris Whalley
      • Ensol Li
      • Haifeng Qu
      • Howard Choy
      • Michael Yuan
      • Robert Fortunato
      • Robert Mao
      • Kelvin Xu
      • Jasmine Zhang


    • Q4 2014

      POMCube founded to develop battery energy storage system (BESS) for:

      • Optimizing local electricity supply and demands.
      • Enabling more usage of renewable energy
    • Q3 2015
      • 1st BESS product, iCAN, commenced pilot production.
      • 1st market testing of iCAN in North America.
    • Q1 2016
      • Commercial launch 1st BESS product, user-friendly plug-n-play BESS for home markets.
      • Virtual Power Plant (VPP) based on intelligent BESS demonstrated.
    • Q2 2016

      iCAN mass market testing in North America.

    • Q4 2016
      • Commercial launch 2nd BESS product, iCAN Light.
      • Commenced development off-grid markets (areas lack electricity grid).
      • Commenced development of BESS, NetZero, for off-grid applications.
    • Q3 2017
      • NetZero field demo in actual off-grid areas.
      • NetZero successfully managed and optimized decentralized energy resources (i.e., grid power, solar PV power, gas generator, etc.)
    • Q3 2018
      • ECT Token Sales Event.
      • Commence construction 1st energy self-sufficient campus based on NetZero technology.
      • First Eloncity microgrid (ECTP-enabled) proposed.
    • Q4 2018
      • ECTP supports ArcBlock Open Chain Access Protocol.
      • Demonstration of ECTP-enabled DCbus prototype with 1500Vdc Endpoint and Scheduler.
      • AI-Algorithm for real-time energy price calculation.
    • Q1 2019

      Eloncity Energy Exchange and Smart Contract platform, Eloncity Token Mining Mechanism deployed on Cybermiles Plasma Layer.

    • Q3 2019
      • ECTP Trading platform & DCbus debut.
      • Release Code for ECTP Trading platform and ECTP-enabled DCbus Scheduler.
      • Release specification & documentation for ECTP-enabled Dcbus.
    • Q4 2019
      • Launch 1st & 2nd Eloncity microgrids based on ECTP platform.
      • 1st & 2nd joint-development with local government on ECTP microgrid.
      • Field pilot 200 Vdc appliances.
    • Q1 2020
      • Release Project Developer Guide for deployment of Eloncity microgrid.
      • BLSD hardware platform to be NRTL and FCS certified.
      • Release specification for Multi-Segment DCbus.
    • Q2 2020
      • 1st ECTP Conference in Cabo, Mexico
      • Field pilot of ECTP Platform supporting electric vehicle (EV)-to-grid applications.
      • Field deployed ECTP-enable BESS stored 1 Tetra * watt * hours of renewable energy.
    • Q4 2020
      • 100th developer / vendor supports ECTP.
      • Eloncity microgrid exchange energy with centralized AC grids.
      • Release proposed specification for 200 Vdc Outlet.
    • Q2 2021
      • Field deployed ECTP-enable BESS stored 100 Tetra * watt * hours of renewable energy.
      • 2nd ECTP Conference in Hangzhou, China.
      • ECTP-enabled EV released for mass production.
    • Q4 2021
      • Launch 3rd & 4th Eloncity microgrids.
      • 3nd & 4th joint-development with local government on Eloncity microgrid.
      • SAE J1772 adopts 200 Vdc proposal.
    • Q2 2022
      • ECTP Standard widely-adopted.
      • Released Toolkits and Design Guides for ECTP-enabled products.
      • 3rd ECTP Conference in Frankfurt, Germany.
    • Q4 2022
      • ECTP-certified 1,000th developer/ vendor supports ECTP.
      • 200V dc elected as proposed standard.
      • NFPA conducts safety test on 200 Vdc Connector.
      • ECTP Platform support.