The next generation DApps ecosystem begins with infinitely scalable, low-latency, and energy-efficient DEXON.

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The DEXON network serves as an infinitely scalable, low latency transaction processing engine with the lowest transaction fees in the decentralized Internet era, making it extremely well-suited for DApps development and deployment. DEXON’s inter-chain bridging protocol serves as a decentralized hub for all blockchain systems, bridging assets and transactions across different blockchain networks, and providing the infrastructure for instant decentralized micropayments and high-frequency digital asset exchange. All together, DEXON unleashes the true power of decentralized technology. Through DEXON, the future of the decentralized Internet can finally be realized.


Existing blockchain technology is unable to achieve the performance requirements of modern real-world practical mass-adopted applications because of limitations inherent to their architecture.


To solve this, the DEXON consensus algorithm has reinvented how blockchain technology works with its state-of-the-art blocklattice data structure. The DEXON consensus algorithm is infinitely scalable, low-latency, and Byzantine fault tolerant . Furthermore, the DEXON inter-chain 3 bridging protocol can support any kind of DLT to be bridged onto the DEXON network-making it inter-operable between different blockchain systems.


Infinitely Scalable And Low-Latency
DEXON is built upon a novel blocklattice architecture in which every node proposes blocks in parallel, providing infinitely scalable transaction throughput. Moreover, DEXON achieves sub-second transaction finality latency through its state-of-the-art DEXON total ordering algorithm.

Fully Decentralized And Energy-Efficient
DEXON’s innovative Randomized Proof of Participation (RPoP) avoids both the environmental problem of energy-hungry ASIC mining hardware in PoW blockchain systems and the problem of miner centralization involved in PoW and DPoS blockchain systems.

Inter-Chain Operability
DEXON’S inter-chain bridging protocol is safe and efficient, making transactions between blockchain systems easy and seamless.

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ICO — Soon
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  • Team

    • PoPo Chen photo
      PoPo Chen
    • Wei-Ning Huang photo
      Wei-Ning Huang
    • Yao-Wei Ou photo
      Yao-Wei Ou
    • Hsuan Lee photo
      Hsuan Lee
      Senior Front End Developer
    • Howard Yeh photo
      Howard Yeh
      Senior Front End Developer
    • Mission Liao photo
      Mission Liao
      Senior Back End Developer
    • Misora Hsu photo
      Misora Hsu
      Senior Back End Developer
    • Sonic Jhan photo
      Sonic Jhan
      Senior Blockchain Developer
    • Hao Chang photo
      Hao Chang
      Senior Blockchain Developer
    • Bojie Wu photo
      Bojie Wu
      Senior Blockchain Developer
    • PoChun Kuo photo
      PoChun Kuo
      Blockchain Researcher
    • Nicky Chao photo
      Nicky Chao
      Blockchain Researcher
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  • Q3 2018

    DEXON consensus algorithm, simulation results, DEXON consensus engine SDK and PoC.

  • Q4 2018

    Launches testnet, explorer, and wallet.

  • Q1 2019

    DEXON mainnet goes live.