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Coda is the first cryptocurrency protocol with a constant-sized blockchain. Coda compresses the entire blockchain into a tiny snapshot the size of a few tweets.

That means that no matter how many transactions are performed, verifying the blockchain remains inexpensive and accessible to everyone.

Coda is a cryptocurrency that can scale to millions of users and thousands of transactions per second while remaining decentralized. Any client, including smartphones, will be able to instantly validate the state of the ledger. This is in service of our goal to make software transparent, legible, and respectful.


Compact blockchain
Coda uses recursive composition of zk-SNARKs to compress the whole blockchain down to the size of a few tweets. No one needs to store or download transaction history in order to verify the blockchain.

Instant sync
Coda syncs instantly, allowing you to verify the blockchain even on a mobile phone. Interact with the blockchain anywhere.

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  • Token details

    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : CODA PROTOCOL
    • Fundrasing target ? Fundraising target — the maximum amount of funds to be raised during an ICO. When it is reached, the developers stop selling the tokens because they do not need to raise more money for the project development. : NA
    • Token type ? Token type — a platform for a startup launch that influences the stability of blockchain operation, the speed of transactions and the fees. :Own blockchain ()
    • Soft cap ? Soft cap — the minimum amount of funds to be raised for the project development. Sometimes when the soft cap has not been reached, the money is returned to the participants. : NA
    • Role of token ? Role of Token — type of token depending on the opportunities it offers to its owner. Utility tokens give their owners a right to use the project services, security tokens are aimed at bringing profit, and currency tokens are a money substitute. :Utility token
    • Total supply ? Total supply — a total amount of tokens that will be released by the developers. :NA
    • Escrow agent ? Escrow agent — a qualified agent who has the right of signature in a multisig wallet. An escrow agent participates in an ICO, monitors the financial operations of the developers and confirms their fairness. :No
    • Tokens for sale ? Tokens for sale — the number of tokens offered to the participants of an ICO. :NA
    • Whitelist ? Whitelist — a list of participants, who get an opportunity to buy tokens. To be whitelisted, you need to register on time because the number of participants and the registration period are usually limited. :Without whitelist
    • Additional emission ? Additional emission — an additional release of tokens. It can be done once after the crowd sale or on an ongoing basis. In the projects with a limited emission there is no additional emission. :No
    • Exchange listing ? Exchange listing — an assumed date when the token will be listed at a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers usually indicate it in a roadmap and a white paper. :NA
    • Accepting currencies ? Accepting currencies — cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that can be used for buying the project tokens. :NA
    • Can't participate ? Can't participate — the countries where it is prohibited to buy tokens. These can be countries where ICOs are prohibited altogether, or countries that have the requirements that a particular project does not meet. :No
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) ? Know Your Customer — a verification procedure for ICO participants, during which the developers can ask for personal data, a photo and a scanned copy of a passport of a potential investor. :No
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Round Token Price Bonus Min / Max Purchase Soft Cap Hard Cap
Public sale — Soon
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NA No - Uncapped Uncapped
  • Team

    • Evan Shapiro photo
      Evan Shapiro
    • Izaak Meckler photo
      Izaak Meckler
    • Brad Cohn photo
      Brad Cohn
      Strategy & Operations
    • Brandon Kase photo
      Brandon Kase
      Protocol Engineer
    • Corey Richardson photo
      Corey Richardson
      Protocol Engineer
    • Deepthi Kumar photo
      Deepthi Kumar
      Protocol Engineer
    • Nathan Holland photo
      Nathan Holland
      Protocol Engineer
    • John Wu photo
      John Wu
      Protocol Engineer
    • Akis Kattis photo
      Akis Kattis
      Protocol Researcher
    • Rebekah Mercer photo
      Rebekah Mercer
      Protocol Researcher
  • Advisors

    • Joseph Bonneau
    • Jill Carlson
    • Paul Davison


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