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BitRent - new proptech platform for investing and monitoring building construction.

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Detailed description

BitRent is the first blockchain platform meant to attract commercial and residential property investments at an early stage of construction in order to gain maximum profit by selling and renting out the acquired property.

BitRent project is of interest for all real estate and construction market players, including private individuals and companies. As mentioned above, BitRent is an innovative platform meant to provide every interested person or entity with a real-time access to a worldwide base of real estate projects and to enable secure and fast real estate transactions using cryptocurrency with a help of construction monitoring system.

BitRent platform provides the following services to each Member: 

  • Transparent and secure transactions based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts; 
  • Access to Bitrent’s full base of construction projects seeking participants and complete information about each project; 
  • Access to object search upon the given parameters; 
  • Right to vote for construction projects to participate in; 
  • Opportunity to monitor construction process online; 
  • Right to inquire about status of the project;
  • Right to obtain a detailed information about the project at any stage; 
  • Access to rating system of real estate objects and developers and right to rate and comment on their quality; 
  • Right to vote over changes in platform policy and service fees
  • Right to vote over conflict resolution;
  • Right to vote over business expansion in new countries.


One of the most widespread problems of the real estate market of today is a reserved and conservative approach during the early stage of construction, when a developer needs seed capital most of all. An outdated control and monitoring model in construction sector usually causes construction rise in price and a failure to meet the date of facility commissioning, thus, making this sector quite unaffordable for the majority of people. This problem is exacerbated by the lack of a unified database of construction objects in need of additional funds as well as the limited access to this information of a general public.


BitRent solves these issues by combining the following innovative technologies within one platform: BIM, RFID, LEED, BREEAM, Blockchain, Primavera and Smart Contracts. The mentioned above solution offers everyone, from large companies to individuals, an access to the opportunity to participate in constructions at early stages and with no geographical reference. At the same time, this platform provides developers from all over the world with the opportunity to pull together funds from multiple unrelated sources, significantly increasing the pull of participants. Such a system promotes competition and more adequate pricing.


Construction Investments

  • Attraction of investments at any stage of construction
  • The possibility to invest small amounts

Digitized construction

  • Digitized information about real estate objects is stored in Blockchain
  • Real estate transactions via Smart Contracts

Globalism and visibility

  • Investments are protected by records in the decentralized registry
  • Own a share in real estate anywhere in the world

Engineering and construction

  • BIM - Building Information Modeling
  • RFID – Radio Frequency Identification for monitoring and control
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  • Token details

    • Token symbol ? Token symbol — a shorten token name. It is used during an ICO and after the coin listing at the cryptocurrency exchanges. : RNTB
    • Fundrasing target ? Fundraising target — the maximum amount of funds to be raised during an ICO. When it is reached, the developers stop selling the tokens because they do not need to raise more money for the project development. : 100,000 ETH
    • Token type ? Token type — a platform for a startup launch that influences the stability of blockchain operation, the speed of transactions and the fees. :Ethereum (ERC20)
    • Soft cap ? Soft cap — the minimum amount of funds to be raised for the project development. Sometimes when the soft cap has not been reached, the money is returned to the participants. :3,500 ETH
    • Role of token ? Role of Token — type of token depending on the opportunities it offers to its owner. Utility tokens give their owners a right to use the project services, security tokens are aimed at bringing profit, and currency tokens are a money substitute. :Utility token
    • Total supply ? Total supply — a total amount of tokens that will be released by the developers. :1,000,000,000 RNTB
    • Escrow agent ? Escrow agent — a qualified agent who has the right of signature in a multisig wallet. An escrow agent participates in an ICO, monitors the financial operations of the developers and confirms their fairness. :No
    • Tokens for sale ? Tokens for sale — the number of tokens offered to the participants of an ICO. :899,000,000 RNTB
    • Whitelist ? Whitelist — a list of participants, who get an opportunity to buy tokens. To be whitelisted, you need to register on time because the number of participants and the registration period are usually limited. :Whitelist Closed
    • Additional emission ? Additional emission — an additional release of tokens. It can be done once after the crowd sale or on an ongoing basis. In the projects with a limited emission there is no additional emission. :No
    • Exchange listing ? Exchange listing — an assumed date when the token will be listed at a cryptocurrency exchange. The developers usually indicate it in a roadmap and a white paper. :NA
    • Accepting currencies ? Accepting currencies — cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies that can be used for buying the project tokens. :BTC, ETH,
    • Can't participate ? Can't participate — the countries where it is prohibited to buy tokens. These can be countries where ICOs are prohibited altogether, or countries that have the requirements that a particular project does not meet. :No
    • Know Your Customer (KYC) ? Know Your Customer — a verification procedure for ICO participants, during which the developers can ask for personal data, a photo and a scanned copy of a passport of a potential investor. :No
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  • Token and Funds Distribution

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    Unsold tokens

      • Token Distribution

        • Funds Distribution

      Sale schedule

      Round Token Price Bonus Min / Max Purchase Soft Cap Hard Cap
      Public sale — Ended
      10 Jan 11:00 UTC
      31 Mar 11:00 UTC
      NA No - Uncapped 699,000,000 RNTB
      Pre-sale — Ended
      24 Nov 00:00 UTC
      01 Dec 00:00 UTC
      NA 25% - 40% - Uncapped 200,000,000 RNTB
      • Team

        • Dmitriy Starovoitov photo
          Dmitriy Starovoitov
        • Dmitriy Shapran photo
          Dmitriy Shapran
        • Sergii Kyrylovskyi photo
          Sergii Kyrylovskyi
        • Vyacheslav Bobok photo
          Vyacheslav Bobok
        • Vadim Dashut photo
          Vadim Dashut
          Managing Partner
        • Saif Al Mansoori photo
          Saif Al Mansoori
          BitRent GCC Council
        • Dmitriy Krasnogor photo
          Dmitriy Krasnogor
          Managing partner Al Mubadarah DMCC
        • Nikolay Mishkin photo
          Nikolay Mishkin
          GCC partner
        • Igor Pavlov photo
          Igor Pavlov
          Business Developer at BitRent
        • RadhaKrishna Thatavarti photo
          RadhaKrishna Thatavarti
          BitRent Partner in India
        • Dmitriy Kolesnik photo
          Dmitriy Kolesnik
          Technical Director
        • Maksim Zalevski photo
          Maksim Zalevski
          Marketing Expert
        • Sergey Sopot photo
          Sergey Sopot
          Legal adviser
        • Seth Johnson photo
          Seth Johnson
          Developer and BitRent Advisor
        • Dan Sirghi photo
          Dan Sirghi
          Legal Officer
        • Artur Bey photo
          Artur Bey
          Legal Officer
        • Illia Pashkov photo
          Illia Pashkov
          Creative Technologist & Blockchain Designer
        • Ihor Bogun photo
          Ihor Bogun
          Business intelligence developer
        • James Trefry photo
          James Trefry
          Software Engineer
        • Andre Anikin photo
          Andre Anikin
          Software Engineer
        • Alexander Kucheravy photo
          Alexander Kucheravy
          Architect, active house verifier
        • Viktor Syzonenko photo
          Viktor Syzonenko
        • Sergey Valuy photo
          Sergey Valuy
          Chief Technology Officer
        • Kirill Beresnev photo
          Kirill Beresnev
          Blockchain engineer
        • Valeria Volosach photo
          Valeria Volosach
          Business developer
        • Vitali Yermakou photo
          Vitali Yermakou
          Chief Business Development Officer
        • Anna Melnychuk photo
          Anna Melnychuk
          Community management / HR expert
        • Mikhail Kushka photo
          Mikhail Kushka
          Blockchain developer
        • Denys Krolevetskyi photo
          Denys Krolevetskyi
          Blockchain developer
      • Advisors


      • 1995

        Foundation of the construction and development company

      • 2016

        Delivered 2 million MQ of commercial and residential real estate

      • Apr 2017

        Working on first thought about BitRent platform

      • Sep 2017

        Launch project-Launch platform

      • 24 Nov 2017

        Presale (bonus up to 40%)

      • 10 Jan 2018


      • Apr 2018
        • Platform Start
        • Platform First Project
      • Jun 2018

        Platform Launch in 10 countries

      • Oct 2018

        Platform Launch in 25 countries